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A swimming pool accident or other incident on the water, such as a boating accident, can leave a victim with life-changing injuries. These accidents may also lead to wrongful death. Fortunately, victims and families of victims of drowning and near drowning accidents can turn to an El Paso drowning lawyer at the J. Guerra Law Firm for experienced guidance and representation when they need it most.

What causes drowning accidents?

A drowning accident may have any of a number of causes. When an incident of this kind is caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of an individual or business entity, the injured party or the family of a person who has lost his or her life should be able to hold the responsible party legally accountable. Let's take a look at a few examples of how drowning or near drowning accidents may be linked to negligence:

  • An employee at a hotel may forget to latch the gate surrounding the swimming pool, causing a child to enter the pool area unsupervised (thus resulting in a child drowning accident).
  • A property might have a defective or broken pool gate, in which case the manufacturer can be held liable for any resulting drowning incidents.
  • A lifeguard may be distracted, tired or otherwise not paying attention and may not notice that a swimmer is in trouble.
  • A pool maintenance company may leave the cover off the swimming pool drain, causing a swimmer to become caught in the drain.
  • A drain or filtration system may be defective or may malfunction, resulting in a swimmer being caught underwater.
  • A pool cover may be improperly placed over a pool, leading to serious injury if a swimmer becomes entangled in it.
  • There may be insufficient warning signs around a pool, leading to a slip and fall accident or a diving accident in shallow water.

Contact an El Paso Drowning Accident Lawyer

Though these incidents may be entirely unintentional, victims of drowning accidents may be able to take legal action against individuals or companies whose negligence caused these accidents to occur. Our legal team is experienced in handling these particular types of cases. We represent clients who have been injured in near drowning accidents at public pools, hotels, water parks and apartment pools throughout the El Paso area. We also represent the families of those who have lost their lives in drowning accidents of all kinds. Whether it was negligent supervision, a defective product or poor maintenance that led to the incident, we are ready to take the appropriate steps to seek fair compensation for the client. If you need legal help and information after a drowning or near drowning accident, contact an El Paso drowning lawyer from our firm today.

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