Child Abuse / Molestation Cases

Child Sexual Abuse

Child Molestation Cases in Texas

Children who are victims of sexual abuse and molestation are left scarred for life. Parents will also share in the pain and be scarred and will need mental therapy to help them cope with the situation and their own sense of pain and guilt they may be feeling. Parents and their children are vulnerable when they trust the care of their children to school officials, Church officials, and Camp Counselors and staff with their innocent children. Abuse can go unnoticed for weeks, months, and even years which can devastate a child's self esteem and outlook on life. Children who are victims often suffer with severe loss of self esteem, physical bodily harm, depression, anxiety, and academically.

At the J. Guerra Law Firm, we stand ready to take immediate legal action to stop abuse of children and protect your civil rights. You need an experienced Texas Child Abuse Lawyer on your side from the beginning to aggressively protect your legal rights and hold the wrong doers accountable and responsible for their deplorable acts. We are experienced child abuse lawyers who have the legal and financial resources to fight for children whose civil rights have been violated. In fact, we are working with legislators and policy makers to make new laws that limit the way predators can contact innocent children through social media outlets and other areas where children our vulnerable to attack by sexual predators.

When I started the J. Guerra Law Firm, I wanted a law firm that was dedicated to fighting for children's rights and to be a voice for the voiceless. We will and have stood up to large organization with unlimited money and held them accountable for their abuse of children. Each child abuse case gets my personal attention and parents will have my cell phone number so that they can contact me immediately in the event I am needed to take legal action as their case is being handled. While our sexual abuse cases are generally high profile cases, we operate with the client's interest and needs at all times and move with extreme care in protecting families from unwanted media attention and privacy to respect family wishes.

We will speak with the media in rare cases when given permission from our clients and will do so without letting anyone know the clients' names and personal information. Often times, the media can be a source of help in resolving legal cases in certain situations to bring awareness and warn other parents and their children of institutions at risk or where repeated cases have occurred. However, we recommend that all media request be handled by representatives from our firm as most clients are not familiar with dealing with media and reporters.

Our firm stands ready to help in the following areas with regards to sexual molestation cases:

  1. Restraining and Protective orders.
  2. Child relocation assistance if necessary.
  3. Full and prompt Investigation of alleged abuse by individuals and organizations.
  4. Prosecution of Civil claims against people and organizations responsible for the child's abuse or molestation.
  5. Direction to professional mental health professionals and medical doctors for mental exams and forensic exams.
  6. Recovering money for mental and physical injuries from individuals and organizations responsible for abuse and molestation which resulted in these types of damages.
  7. Assistance in dealing with media and news reporters.
  8. Assistance with government agency interviews and CPS investigations.

If you suspect your child has been or is at risk of sexual abuse, contact my firm immediately and let us put an end to your child's suffering. You need an experienced lawyer working for you who has YOUR interest in mind.

Abuse cases are delicate and complex legal cases that must be handled carefully because of the delicate subject matter and the child victims and yet be prosecuted aggressively for maximum results. Call me today, I can help end the pain and get you and your family on the correct path to Justice and healing. - Jesse E. Guerra Jr.

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