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Although drowning accidents usually get the most attention, swimming pool electrocution accidents happen more frequently than you might think. From improper electrical wiring to electric shock caused by an unsafe current, there are many situations that can result in serious injuries from pool electrocution. Often, it’s the electricity flowing through other equipment that poses the greatest danger. Faulty bonding/grounding on metal components like the pump, heater, lights, slide legs, dive stand, and handrail can cause electrocution accidents.

How to Prevent Electrocution Accidents in Your Pool

If you will be doing any electrical work on your pool, you should get a permit from the city. Obtaining a permit will ensure that someone has to come to your home to conduct a safety inspection and double-check all of your work. Another thing you can do is switch from 120V lights to 12V pool lights that run through a pool light transformer. 12V lights are safer, especially when installed by a licensed electrician. You should also hire a licensed electrician if you want your low voltage pool lights to work in conjunction with a transformer on a GFCI circuit that is grounded and bonded.

What to Do If Someone Is Electrocuted in Your Pool

If a person sustains an electrocution injury while swimming, don’t try to get them out with a metal pole because it will conduct electricity and shock the holder. You also shouldn’t jump in to save the person because you risk suffering an electrocution injury yourself. Before you try to save them, quickly shut off all the power to the pool.

What Are the Signs of Electrocution or Shock in the Pool

The following are common signs of electrocution or shock if you are in a swimming pool:

  • Tingling sensation
  • Muscle cramps
  • A feeling that something is holding you in place
  • Swimmers actively moving away from a specific area of the pool

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