Negligent Lifeguards

Helping Victims Pursue Lifeguard Negligence Cases in San Antonio, Texas

Whether your child is at a city pool or the beach, lifeguards are trusted to protect the safety of our children when they are near or in water. In many cases, lifeguards are highly trained professionals. In other less fortunate cases, a child has been lost due to a negligent and careless lifeguard. It is extremely important that you contact a Texas drowning accident lawyer from the firm immediately if your child has been injured or was the victim of a drowning in a water accident due to a negligent lifeguard.

If you or a loved one have been injured or lost their life due to lifeguard negligence, contact our firm today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your lifeguard negligence case.

You should not wait to contact an attorney as the evidence involved in the case may become more difficult to utilize. The medical bills that may be accumulated after a pool or beach accident may be extremely large. It is important to ensure you are doing everything you can to help your child recover by speaking with an attorney.

Negligent Lifeguards and Pool Accidents

If a lifeguard is distracted or not doing their job and a drowning occurs under their watch, this could be deemed to be negligence under law. When their duty is neglected, tragedy can ensue. When a child in distress is missed, it can result in the death or serious injury of the child. It is sometimes important to gather witness testimonies that can support the fact that the lifeguard was negligent in their duty to protect swimmers from harm, whether in a hotel or motel pool, public pool, water park or other swimming or water environment.

Our firm has assisted many clients with pool accident cases. Jesse E. Guerra Jr. is extremely passionate about making public pools safer for children. Our firm handles more pool cases in Texas every year than any other firm. If your firm is taken on you not only will greatly improve our chances of receiving the compensation you are due, you may very well save the lives of other children by changing conditions at public pools.

If you or someone else has suffered injury or death due to lifeguard negligence, contact a Texas accident attorney today. We can help you pursue compensation.